Promoting Your Website

How will my customers find me on the Web?

People need to be aware of your business and looking for your products, services or information you provide.

Search Engines

SEO isn't just about the technical engines that crawl the internet, its more about making your site relevant to people looking for your services.

Here's what you can do to help your site be relevant:
Keywords and Copywriting
Tell your story and make it relevant, including all the words you think people will use to search for you.
Geographic and Demographics
Include your territorial scope and which segments of the demographic market you are focused on.
Read up on SEO
Here are two excellent websites to help you understand more about SEO:
Beginners Guide To SEO - 2019
Beginners Guide To SEO - MOZ
Here's what I will do to assure the best search engine success:
Search Engine Submission
Submission to Google, Yahoo and Bing directories.
Title and Meta Tag applications
Every page, picture and link is an opportunity to identify you to the web crawlers.


It's time to "Blow Your Own Horn" and promote your business.

Use both traditional and on-line media streams to get the word out. Don't be shy, be BOLD

Blogging and Guest Blogging
Start one or write as a guest on a relevant blog to promote your business.
Social Media
Get a FaceBook, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Twitter account. You don't have to use them all, but you might.
Press Releases
Write a news release about your website, business expansion, new products, etc. and send it out to industry and local media outlets.
Newsletters and Mailing Lists
Put a 'Join the List' button on your site and start publishing a newsletter. You never know where it will end up!
Get listed on Local Media directories.
Here are just a few you can join (most are free!)
online directory icons


You've spent a lot of time and money to develop and harvest your brand. Now it's time to show it!

Company signage
Your web address (URL) should be shown everywhere your logo is displayed
Business Stationary
Get new business cards and letterhead/envelopes printed and distributed
Printed Advertisements
New website needs to be everywhere
Email Signatures
Place your logo and URL at the end of every email.
Internal documentation
All invoices, job estimates and internal memos should include your logo and web address