Gathering Your Content

Having a website is as important and necessary as having a phone number. It enables your business to reach potential clients 24 hours a day!

Websites are affordable and cost effective and may cost less than a one-time print ad. For example, you can reduce phone call inquiries by listing your business hours.

Does your competition have a website? Now you can differentiate your business, product or service from your competition.


SEED CopywritingReading on the Web resembles the way we read a newspaper. The eye jumps around on a webpage, looking at headings, titles and boldface text. If you want to make your content sticky, it must be brief, ripe with ideas and focused only on relevant content. Follow these tips for successful copywriting:

Make titles clear and catchy
Distill the subject into a 3 - 7 word phrase for best results.
Avoid wordy introductions
Get to the point quickly.
Be clear and to the point
Brief sentences and paragraphs make reading easier.
Use bullets and subtitles
Bullets and subtitles make ideas and points of interest stand out.
Spelling & grammar must be correct
Always proof read your copy.

Photography and Illustration

SEED ImagesSelect pictures and images that are interesting and help tell your story. Ideally, they were shot with a digital camera, but if not, they should be scanned at a high resolution (greater than 300 dpi). In addition, keep the following points in mind:

File Formats
Should be .jpg, .png or .gif for the web.
Resolution (dpi)
Images should be a minimum 300 dots per inch at actual size.
Image Size
Should be greater than 1000px wide by 800px high
Out of focus or 'jittery' images will be rejected.
Image Quality
Framed, well-lit and proper subject matter is essential.
Stock Photography
Royalty free, media free rights must be procured.

All Your Helpers

Great copy and inspiring images are all necessary, but what establishes your credibility is what what others say about you and who you associate with. Here are a few things to gather to complete the job:

Incoming and Outgoing Links
These are live hyperlinks to other websites and links on other websites that point back to your site. These are the ones that generate the traffic and the search engines love them!
Quotes from your customers, business associates or other organizations let people know what it's like to work with you or your organization.
Contact Forms
What information would you like to gather from visitors to your site and how should it be collected and distributed? Easy enough to do.
Business Associations and Awards
List of all professional and civic organizations you are a member and any awards or achievements you received relevant to your business.
Business Terms & Conditions / Privacy Policy
All the legal words that protect you from any unsavory characters lurking on the internet. Plenty of boilerplate templates available, just need to make it relevant to your business.