Timeline & Budget

What's it going to cost and how long will it take?

Questions that hinge on the all dreaded "It Depends. . . ."


For the small business owner or organization leader, time is usually in short supply. Getting organized early and creating a schedule and deadline are as important as gathering the materials.

Here is your checklist for milestones and realistic times to accomplish your tasks:

Pick your LAUNCH date
Unless you have all of your content and systems ready to go, this should be no earlier than 6 - 8 weeks from the project start.
Setting goals and purpose
Thinking takes time. Allow yourself two weeks to articulate exactly what you want in your website. Getting this right makes the entire process easier.
Selecting the design, domain and hosting
Choosing a template-based architecture that will showcase your business, brand and products will take about a week of trial and testing.
Gathering the content
Collecting all your content that we outlined in Step # 4 of the process is an on-going process and will take about 2 - 3 weeks to finalize, mostly!
Developing the website
Here is where we actually start to build the actual pages. If all goes smoothly, plan on two weeks of intense building from Seed Internet.
Approvals and Revisions
Allow about a week to proofread, edit images, test functionality on all browsers and platforms and lock down the design.
Launch and Promote your website
Launching the site takes the least amount of time (hours) and promotion is an on-going activity.

Budgeting Your Project

You have limited funds to develop your website, but you need to get the most value for what you spend. A template-based design that we modify and customize, saves time and money, yet still delivers your message and goal.

Some items to keep in mind for your budget that are divided into two categories: one-time expenses and on-going expenses. Here is a table to help you understand them:

# One-Time Expenses On-Going Expenses
1 Website Design Website Maintenance
2 Stock Photography Domain Name
3 Special Licensing Website Hosting
4   E-Commerce Fees*

* Only for websites with e-commerce solutions

Here is a list of things that can influence the cost of the website, and may not apply to all website projects: